Become Beneficiary

This is a golden opportunity for the students of BIT Sindri to benefit from the contribution and support of their college Alumni.

First phase has already been completed for applications. Keep an eye on the facebook feed for current updated on this phase of applications.

To read specifics on this project and apply, please create an account and login.

To read in general about this project and other initiatives, please navigate to the link

If you want to help a student of any other college, please write an email to to discuss further.


Contribute to Our Open Projects

These open projects are needed for us to develop and enhance our work further. Those who contribute would be rewarded as appropriate and preferred by them. For details visit here

You can get a certificate for your contribution. You may do it as an internship to aid your study. You may do it as your final year project or other project in college. You would be provided any needed documents to help it formulate in your academic records.

You would be quoted for your respective contribution on this website, which can be as an advantage in your career, used as a reference and add to your skills showcase.


Sahre Your Story

We invite you to share your story to inspire others.

All of us have faced one or the other challenge during our studies. It would help to share your story on how you could overcome those challenges. It can give confidence to the students who read it and also it can give inspiration to other alumni to understand the problems students face in general.

For sharing your story please submit your story at