Open Project

Open Projects - to contribute

These open projects are needed for us to develop and enhance further our work.

These open projects are in the following area:

  1. Development of this website into a complete platform with more features. The project listed on the page below are mostly in this area as of now.
  2. Doing ground work in college to benefit more and more students - we have volunteers in college and outside and we need more.
  3. Working with Alumni to spread the noble message and involve them to collaborate and engage

Please send an email to to contribute.

Associating login page with login from Google and Facebook into one profile

Currently we have an issue with the login, if two users with same first name and last name login using google or facebook login option.

The system would not allow the second user to create account and give him/her an error message that the username already exists.

To understand in detail the issue: Support a user on facebook - Amit Kumar, created account on with his facebook account. This would work. Any other person with name Amit Kumar on facebook or google, if tries to create account using the automated option in the login area to login with facebook or google account, this person, would be given a message that the username exists and he cannot create an account.

Also a related issue is to associate the profile of the person with his/her facebook and google accounts - so that all the accounts are associated to one profile and not treated as separate logins.

Submitting stories in a more streamlines manner

Currently users can submit stories using the feature given on the website in respective section.

If the user himself/herself wants to review and edit their own story, the possible option is to write to the admin or This needs to be build us as an automated workflow with more options as we have in popular blog pages on internet.

User based content

This is an ongoing area of work, where we need developers to code the rules for user based content management.

With the increasing number of projects to manage and also enable analytics on the data collected on the website, we need to continuously improve the user based content management. More details would be provided to the PHP developers interested to work with us.

Working with the Alumni Chapters

We are seeking volunteers to work with different alumni chapters to spread the word and find out, how Anant Prayas can work together with them.

Managing communications

We are looking for volunteers, who can take care of our communications and maintain relationships with different parties who interact with Anant Prayas.