We build a door if opportunity doesn’t knock. In fact, it is one of our guiding principles. We have built a door in the form of Anant Prayas, where talents meet opportunities to cheer success.

Our mission is to seek, nurture, and help talents. We are committed to provide resources of any kind including technical and financial to talented students and to hone skills in potential talents.

We strive to take every possible measure to minimize the gap between resources and talents by encouraging the different strata of society to help each other in their growth and prosperity. The feeling of mutual help and gratitude are our driving forces.

We have fastened our seatbelts to bring reform in education system including the way it is governed and financed because education has become a profit making business instead of character building institution, nowadays. A good education is the foundation of one’s character and thereby one’s success in life.

St. Francis of Assisi said to start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. We started our journey towards making our vision come true by providing resources in the form of laptops to the talented students of BIT Sindri.


How we do what we do

We provide to:

  1. Help economically backward students by offering them financial and other resources which are needed for completion of their courses at higher studies.
  2. Bring students and alumni together under one roof to get benefit from each other on the basis of mutual help and cooperation.
  3. Hone skills in talented students and give them experience by involving them in projects.
  4. Collaborate with educational institutions for technological advancement in education.
  5. Cultivate leadership qualities by allowing individuals to submit and lead their innovative ideas for bringing positive change in society.
  6. Offer mentorship support to prospective entrepreneurs.
  7. Supply support and funds to participate in major educational and skill development events across the globe.
  8. Support patent enablement and other necessary things in this regard.


Our Programmes


BIT Sindri Laptop Programme

It is a golden opportunity for the students of BIT Sindri to get laptops from the contribution and support of their college Alumni on very soft terms.

Full Study Sponsorship Programme

Funding full studies for students including all the elements as available in a bank loan and more, to enable the student grow into a modern professional.

Funding Student's Projects and Innovations

The salient features of this program are: