BIT Sindri Laptop Programme

Vision: Technologically advanced students with adequate resources at hand in BIT Sindri at par with top colleges in India.

Purpose: To provide laptops to needy students who are not able to have it on their own due to financial constraints.

Goal: To create a sustainable fund pool to provide laptops to students within next three years.

Lao Tze says that a journey of thousand miles begins with first step. BIT Sindri Laptop Programme is the first step towards our vision of a technologically advanced world with abundant talents and resources.

The programme is currently available for the students of BIT Sindri only. It is a golden opportunity for the students of BIT Sindri to get laptops from the contribution and support of their college Alumni on very soft terms.

It is seen that banks do not offer loans of small amounts to students for buying laptops and other necessary things unless they are the parts of education loan package offered by banks, which include entire course fees.

If a student is able to pay his entire course fees himself but needs financial help for buying laptops to complete his course, the banks are of no help. Banks also charge interests on finances advanced by them even during tenure of study.

BIT Sindri Laptop Programme is framed keeping in mind these circumstances as the founders of Anant Prayas were once students themselves and has undergone these situations during their college days.

We strongly believe that education should not be a means of accumulating wealth and earning money. We believe that students should have no financial burden while they are studying at academic institutions. We are not in the favour of collecting interests on finances advanced to students.  Also, we are of the opinion that the demands for repayment from students should not be furnished until they get a job.

No interests will be charged under BIT Sindri Laptop Programme though we encourage donating some additional amounts along with the cost of laptop as a token of gratitude, which will be used to help other students who are in need like you.

We expect a minimum donation of Rs.6000/- plus the cost of laptop to this fund pool, so that we can grow the fund pool and provide financial help to more and more students and make the fund pool sustainable for coming generations.

The assessment and distribution of laptops will be done periodically across the year through several projects. Periodic report of beneficiaries’ progress in academics & non-academic fields will be provided on request as its confidential information.

Ground work in BIT Sindri will be done via voluntary contribution from college students or existing clubs with accountability to keep any operational cost to below 2-3% of the financed amount in all cases.

Interested students can apply by creating an account on our website

For donations, click here.

For TERMS & CONDITIONS on becoming beneficiary, please check by writing an email to

BIT Sindri Laptop Programme