Our Donors

The donors list below is to express our token of gratitude to the donors of Anant Prayas, who came forward to bring Happiness and Confidence in students.
The list is not arranged in any order, but roughly time, when these donors joined the family.

Platinum Donors

Dr. H.K. Budhia,  Mr. R.K. Choudhary,   Ms. Ranjana Shrivastava,    Mr. Aaloka Anant,    Mr. Alankar Sinha,     Mr. Ashok Singhi,  Dr. Durga Das Mundhra, Mr. Saurabh Mundhra, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar

Golden Donors

Mr. Sashi Kant,    Ms. Sarita Kedia,    Mr. Mahabir,    Mr. Surya De, Ms. Anushka Kedia

Noble Donors

Mr. Amit Kumar,  Mr. R N L Das,   Mr. Satyendra Narayan Singh,   Mrs. Renu Mishra,   Mr. Vivekanand Mishra,  Mr. R. K. Verma,   Mr. Jai Mangal Prasad, Mr. S Kumar, Mr. Shah Nawaz Khan, Mr. Surendra Kumar, Mr. Masood Azhar, Mr. Lokesh Shah, Mr. Sashi Kant, Mr. Anjani Kumar

Students who graduated recently to joining back as Platinum Donors

Mr. Aakash Kumar Burnwal,   Mr. Shashank Shekhar


If you are a person, organization or group of persons(like alumni group) and want to make special donation, which carries a name, then please get in touch with R.K. Choudhary or Aaloka Anant. You can also email(aaloka@anantprayas.org) or message us on facebook.

Donations can be made to the account below
Account Name: Anant Prayas
Bank Name: Indian Overseas Bank
Branch: Ranchi
IFSC: IOBA0000366
Account Number: 036601000023118
Account Type: Savings

Please send an email to info@anantprayas.org, in order for us to acknowledge your donation and send you a copy of the receipt.
Currently all accepted donations in bank account are for the BIT Sindri Laptop Fund Pool.

We could have 3 platinum donors in 2018-2019 and multiple donors for cause.
We had 2 platinum and 6 Elite donors in 2017-2018.
Please join the list of donors by contributing funds as below:

  • Noble Donors - upto  Rs. 10000
  • Golden donors - Rs. 10,000 upto Rs. 25,000
  • Platinum donors  - Rs. 25,000 and above

If you would like to donate small amounts monthly, please let us know to set-up direct debit from your bank account.

We would soon create the fund pool for other activities. Anant Prayas works on a Fund Pool Concept. All the donations received are based on Fund pools. This is done in order to maintain complete transparency of accounts and keep the funds in check to meet the expectation of the donors and the students.

Administration of the Trust and the management and maintenance of this web platform is completely independent of the donations to the laptop fund pool and are accounted for in separate fund pools currently funded by Dr. H. K. Budhia, Mr. R. K. Choudhary, Mr. Aaloka Anant and Mr. Ravish Mani(patron of Anant Prayas).

Below is a scroll bar to see our donors picture in real life

Our Donors

A few words about our donors:

About Dr. H. K. Budhia: He is from 61-65, Chemical Engineering batch, with M.S and PhD from University of Colorado in 1971. Dr Budhia, is a name representing the technology Entrepreneurs of Rising India. He has been one of the early alumni of BIT Sindri to have his own company in the state of erstwhile Bihar in 1971. He co-founded Anant Prayas with Mr. Aaloka and Mr. Rajendra in 2016 to help the students overcome financial challenges during studies.

About Mr. Aaloka Anant: He is from 2000-2004, Electronics and Communication Engineering batch with an MBA from IIM Bangalore in 2010. He works for SAP as an advisor for companies adopting Digital Transformation in Europe using SAP software. He is one of the co-founders of Anant Prayas.

About Mr. Ram Nath Lal Das: He is retd. Govt. Employees working in WAter Resources department Jharkhand. Always available for giving free advice of water structure & water conservation. Presently always available for social services residing in Khelgaon Ranchi 21/301.

About Mr. Vivekanand Mishra: He is from 1972-76, Civil Engineering batch of BIT Sindri.