Journey to Success

Every life is a story. Our students who came forward to seek support showed courage and confidence in picking up something great for life. A habit to give back to society is such a great asset, that it can not only improve the life of the one but many many more.

Below you would find some of the stories, prepared by the students themselves, who have benefited from the BIT Sindri Laptop Project in the past years.
Below hyperlinks would take you to stories of students, who have completed their studies in college.
A few more stories of students in college from the recent laptop rounds can be read in the link 1, link 2, link 3

Aakash Kumar Burnwal, BIT Sindri, 2014-2018

Shashank Shekhar, BIT Sindri, 2015-2019

Subham Gupta, BIT Sindri 2015-2019

Subham Kumar Gupta, BIT Sindri 2015-2019

Subham Pandit, BIT Sindri 2015-2019

Tuplal Kumar Verma, BIT Sindri 2015-2019

Subham Burnwal, BIT Sindri 2015-2019

Pratik Raj, BIT Sindri 2016-2020

Mukund Madhav, BIT Sindri 2016-2020

Rohit Kumar Rajak, BIT Sindri 2016-2020

Vivek Kumar, BIT Sindri 2016-2020

Sandeep Kumar, BIT Sindri 2016-2020

Jyoti Kumari, BIT Sindri 2016-2020

Manish Kumar Mehta, BIT Sindri 2016-2020

Abhishek Gautam, BIT Sindri 2016-2020